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Important: Wanted: Board member Head of PR Due to the resignation of our board member Heidi van der Vloet the Imagicon Foundation is looking for an enthusiastic successor (on voluntary basis). As Head of PR you’ll be responsible for the design and implementation of our PR strategy as well as maintaining our social media channels. You’ll carry out promotional activities, initiate and maintain contact with external parties (‘account management’), and analyze the results of our PR activities. You’ll help develop new campaigns, write texts for our website, newsletters and press releases. What do we ask of you? - Affinity with the genres SF, Horror, Fantasy and/or Comics - A Bachelor degree is a plus - Experience and/or affinity with PR and account management - Communication skills (don’t be shy) - Good social skills (‘people person’) - Be interested in trends and developments in the fields of PR & social media - Be both a team player and an independent worker - Able to plan and keep the oversight - Don’t be afraid to take the initiative - Experience with maintaining social media channels - Excellent command of the Dutch language in both writing and speaking - Good command of English - Have common sense, be social and practical What do we offer? - Be part of a team of enthusiastic people - Creative freedom and room to present your ideas - Independence - Meet lots of new people - Expand on your experience in the field of PR and communications Who are we? Imagicon is a non-profit foundation whose goal is to organize an annual convention that is aimed at fans of SF, Horror, Fantasy and Comics. During the convention organized program components that highlight the different genres. This is accomplished in the form of workshops, lectures, discussion panels, (fan) film screenings, a game room and several shows including a cosplay contest: the Galaxy Masquerade. The convention is primarily organized and emphasizes for and through fans. With the help of a great multitude of volunteers all this is headed in the right direction. ***** Chairwoman, Webmaster & Head of Program: Diana van der Pluijm As long as I can remember I’ve been crazy about Science Fiction, Comics, Fantasy and Horror. I think I’ve read almost all the books they had in these genres in the library in Nieuwerkerk, the place where I grew up (it wasn’t a well-stocked part of the library, but still!). I’ve been to all sorts of Dutch events, know quite a few people in the Dutch Fantasy-world (mainly the book-side, I was even a judge for the Paul Harland-writing competition) and after the umpteenth gathering about how we could get all the different clubs/fandoms/groups together, I had an idea: We had to organize a new convention that would cater to a broader audience than just one subject/genre. As it turns out I wasn’t the only one with such a cunning plan. Thus Imagicon was born. Secretary: Patrick Cooijman I’ve been a true SF fan since my teenage years. Books, TV series and movies, it didn’t matter to me as long as it was SF. Star Trek (the original series!) is the first SF series that I saw on television, quickly followed by series like Doctor Who, The Six Million Dollar Man, Space 1999, and so on. And that’s not even counting the many movies I've seen like Demon Seed, Star Wars and the Alien movies (yes, I even like the fourth one), that are still big favorites of mine. I'm also a fan of supernatural horror movies, like the amazing Nightmare on Elm Street and Evil Dead. I’ve actually only started attending conventions where everything revolves around these specific forms of entertainment with Diana a couple of years ago. What I find really remarkable is how such events can bring so many people together. Since 2010 (or even before that) Diana’s been walking around with ideas for a convention and together with like-minded people she made these ideas come true in 2014 with the first Imagicon. I’ve been able to experience how all this came about and how successful it turned out to be for both management and employees and visitors. Since May 2014 I’m the successor of the unforgettable Henk ‘The Joker’ Hulleman as secretary of Imagicon. This way I hope to contribute to the organization of a convention where fans of Horror, SciFi, Comics and Fantasy come first. Treasurer & Head of Video Programme & Head Exhibitors: Erwin van Ballegoij I’ve been an avid reader of SF ever since I was young. During my time in college I got to know Fantasy and Horror through a friend of mine. At the end of my study I kind of ‘rolled’ into organized fandom. These last few years I’ve been a part of organizing small-sized SF&F- conventions. All in good fun, but you kept seeing the same faces year after year. The many clubs that focus on Science Fiction, Fantasy Horror and mediafandom are too small to organize anything larger than a convention for at most a hundred people. When the need for something more, something bigger arose from the various fandoms I joined the initiative immediately. It is going to happen and if the many positive responses are anything to go by, it will be a success! Volunteer Coordinator: Ada Meijering I grew up with Science Fiction thanks to my mother, who’s an avid Doctor Who fan. I always sat in front of the television to watch Doctor Who, Logan's Run, Space 1999, Blake's 7 and The Bionic Woman. When it comes to films I especially loved the SF movie Soylent Green, which had a storyline that always stuck with me. Later, I became a fan of Fantasy and Horror. Over the years I’ve visited many conventions, both at home and abroad, which for me was a beautiful experience. Especially since I got to work at conventions as a PA for different actors and actresses. As such I’ve had a lot of sneak peeks behind the scenes regarding how to organize a convention. I was very happy with the initiative of Imagicon because they organize not only SF and Fantasy, but for Horror and Comics as well, so across-the-board. A club that really listens to what fans say. I was happy to contribute to something like that, so I started last year as a volunteer coordinator and recently became a board member of Imagicon.
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Board The board of Imagicon consists of: Diana van der Pluijm, Chairwoman Patrick Cooijman, Secretary Erwin van Ballegoij, Treasurer Heidi van der Vloet, Head Public Relations Ada Meijering, Volunteer Coordinator