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Imagicon is a non-profit foundation that aims to organize an annual convention aimed at fans of SF, Horror, Fantasy and Comics. During this convention we organize lost of different activities in our program that highlight the different genres. Activities include workshops, lectures, discussion panels, (fan) film screenings, a gameroom and various shows including our cosplay contest: the Galaxy Masquerade. The convention is mainly organized by fans, for fans, with the intention of providing a place where fans can meet other fans and have a great time together. And all this is done with the help of a large number of volunteers For more extensive information: About Imagicon. Terms and conditions What is and isn’t allowed at Imagicon? Are you allowed to bring your own food and drinks, what are the rules concerncing props (weapons), are dogs allowed, can you take pictures, and so on. When you buy a ticket, you agree to these terms. Read them carefully before buying a ticket. Board Who’s behind Imagicon? What moves us, every one of us a fan at heart, to want to organize a convention? Meet the driving forces behind the convention. Impression The second edition of Imagicon took place on March 21, 201 and was a big success, just like the year before! Click here to view photos, videos, articles and reviews about Imagicon 201. Location Imagicon takes place at Congress Center De ReeHorst, in Ede. On this page you’ll find directions and information on how to book a hotel room. Press Of course we welcome the press at Imagicon. We make a distinction between so-called fan- press and professional press. Want to know more? Read this information.
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About us What’s Imagicon, who’s behind it, where will it take place and (very important!): What’s new? News The latest news about Imagicon. Imagicon What’s Imagicon about? Impression Have a little taste of Imagicon. Annual reports Read the Imagicon Foundation’s annual reports. Location Where is De ReeHorst situated and how do you get there? Press Information for members of the press. Board Who’s behind Imagicon? Terms and conditions Read these carefully before buying a ticket.